Tim Staples was a fallen-away Southern Baptist who as a teen came back to faith in Christ through the witness of televangelists. During his four-year tour with the U.S. Marine Corps, he became friends with a Marine well-versed in his Catholic Faith who challenged Tim to study Catholicism from Catholic and historical sources.

That sparked a two-year search for the truth. Immediately after his tour of duty, Tim attended Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and became a youth minister in an Assembly of God community. He was determined to prove Catholicism wrong, but he studied his way to the last place he thought he would ever end up: the Catholic Church.

He converted in 1988 and spent six years in formation for the priesthood, earning a degree in philosophy and studying theology at the graduate level. Realizing that his calling was not to be a priest, Tim left the seminary in 1994 and has been working in Catholic apologetics and evangelization ever since.




New Eve, Mediatrix and Mother: Mary’s Role in God’s Plan of Salvation

This talk is the definitive response to the question, “If Mary is so important, why is there so little about her in Scripture?” Tim takes you through the Gospels and the books of Acts and Revelation, showing how Mary alone was present and/or most intimately involved with each key event in salvation history.

The Shocking Truth About the Pope and the Bible

Tim shares biblical texts that demonstrate the papacy, as well as little-known biblical insights that can help Catholics communicate this essential Catholic truth.

Truth and Consequences

Tim teaches the importance of the infallible Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Using five examples in the arena of faith and morals, he shows why it is crucial for the salvation of souls and explores the consequences of its absence.

The Shocking Truth About the Pope and the Early Church Fathers

Tim provides overwhelming historical evidence for the papacy in the first 300 years of the Christian era.

Mary, the Mother of God: What’s All the Fuss About?

Tim presents this first and greatest Marian dogma as an example of the truth that “there is an organic connection between our spiritual life and the dogmas” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 89). He highlights the axiom, “No Mary, No Jesus—Know Mary, Know Jesus” as exemplified by this most ancient Marian belief.

Behold Your Mother

Tim explores the many layers of meaning to the powerful words of our Lord when he said to St. John, in the place of all of us, standing at the foot of the cross with the Mother of God, “Behold your mother!” You’ll learn why we need the gift of Mary—the perfect mother and disciple—for our spiritual lives, and why we need each other as members of the Body of Christ.

Living Bread

Tim Staples defends the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist using Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church in a way that will make this dogma of the Catholic Faith come alive in your spiritual life.

Purgatory and Indulgences: What Does the Bible Say?

In this talk, Tim demonstrates that the principles underlying the dogmas of purgatory and indulgences are found in the Bible, and why they are keys to help us understand the nature of sin and the Communion of Saints.

God Is Looking for a Few Good Men

Tim teaches on the sacrament of marriage from the perspective of the husband and his special call to headship and service. He challenges men to lead their families in ways that will strengthen the Church and the culture through faithful service.

Catholics and the Culture War

Tim challenges Catholics to understand our responsibility to effect change in the culture in which we live. He paints a vivid picture of the perilous times in which we live and demonstrates just how we Catholics can engage the culture and change it—without the culture changing us.

Why Be Catholic? (Two-Part Talk)

Whether you are a skeptic yourself or if you want to learn how to share your faith with someone who does not believe, these talks are for you. Tim will show you how you can demonstrate the existence of God using good philosophy and good science, and why the Catholic Church is the Church established by Jesus Christ with infallible authority.

Catholic Answers to Common Objections

Tim runs the gamut on the most common questions from our Protestant brothers and sisters. “Why do you call priests father?” “Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest?” “Why do you pray to the dead?” These and other questions will be addressed in this presentation on basic biblical apologetics. Questions can be tailored to specific needs.

Five Non-Negotiables

Tim explains why five social/political issues (abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning, and same-sex “marriage”) are all matters of the moral law that have been definitively taught to be intrinsically evil, and why no Catholic may support them.

Friends in High Places: The Communion of Saints in the Life of the Christian

Focusing on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Tim demonstrates the importance of the “center” of all metaphors for the People of God… the Body of Christ. It is from this truth of our union with Christ as members of his Body through baptism that all of the truths of the Communion of Saints flow.

Now that We Are Catholic

Hear how Tim’s family members went from thinking he had lost his mind to converting to the Catholic Faith themselves. You’ll hear of Tim’s father being healed in answer to prayer, God’s supernatural intervention in both Tim’s and his brother Terry’s vocations, and more.

The Keys of the Kingdom

Tim presents the truth of the papacy in Matthew’s Gospel while dispelling some of the most common misconceptions about the papacy and the famous Petrine text of Matthew 16:18-19.

The Immaculate Conception and the Dignity of Man

Tim gives biblical and logical evidence for the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and defends it from the most common objections. He also explains how Mary leads us to her Son, and how she teaches us who we are as Christians.

From Lowly Handmaid to Queen of Heaven and Earth

Tim uses the objections of prominent Protestant apologists against Mary’s role as Queen of Heaven to demonstrate the powerful truth of her queenship. Learn how to answer these objections and more while learning how Mary’s regal dignity is an aid for all Christians.

The Immaculate Conception: What You Didn’t Know

This talk focuses on the Immaculate Conception and some of the little-known images from Scripture that demonstrate the veracity of this teaching. Mary as “Daughter of Zion” and “Beginning of the New Creation” are just two of the little known and less understood images in Scripture that point to Mary as not only sinless but immaculately conceived.

The Eucharist: God’s Extravagant Love Revealed

Tim defends the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist by putting the text of John 6 into its historical context. Tim unlocks the keys to understanding why St. John emphasized more than any of the other evangelists the divinity of Christ and his equality with the Father and the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

The Passover Connection

Tim relates how a class called “Old Testament Survey” at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College helped to “seal the deal” on his belief in the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist and the sacrificial nature of the Mass.

How is Man Saved? The Catholic View of Justification

Tim debunks the Reformers’ doctrine of sola fide (faith alone) using good biblical apologetics, and demonstrates why this issue is so crucial for us to understand for ourselves as well as those to whom we give witness to the Faith.

The Ministerial Priesthood: Demonstrating What a Priest Is by What a Priest Does

Tim demonstrates the truth of a ministerial priesthood in the New Testament by showing how the ministers are demonstrated to function in a priestly manner. “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

“I Confess”

Tim demonstrates the truth of confession in Scripture, and the truth of “mortal” and “venial” sins. Discover how the teaching of confession is surprisingly easy to present to your non-Catholic friends persuasively and biblically.

The Gift of Baptism

Tim begins by answering some of the most common objections to the Catholic teaching on baptism. Then he explains the gifts of baptism in theological terms of the graces we receive and the power and accompanying responsibilities the gift brings with it. Tim then concludes his remarks with a challenge to know and spread our Faith.

Teen Apologetics

Tim teaches teens to evangelize using two basic principles: knowing how to answer common objections and living the Faith that they profess. Tim concludes this talk with a challenge to chastity.

Catholic Boot Camp for Teens

Using his own experience in the Marine Corps boot camp, Tim relates the spiritual life as a call to the practice of virtue. Without the key word of discipline, virtue is impossible. Discover a system for teens to develop discipline and virtue in their lives, Marine Corps style!

Seeing Ourselves the Way God Sees Us

From Jeremiah the prophet to the Blessed Mother, Tim reveals how God has always used young people to change the world. You’ll hear the story of a couple from Iraq who endured persecution to become a modern-day testimony to God’s power.

How to Be a True Witness for Jehovah

Tim demonstrates flaws in Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs about the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, of the afterlife, and other important Christian truths. hell

Mormonism and the Question of Authority

Tim demonstrates techniques for answering the Mormon missionary at the door by using the “Detective Colombo” method of apologetics. While respecting much of what is good about Mormonism, Tim gives you the questions to ask that will lead them to rethink their position.

Black and White: Moral Clarity in a World of Gray

Tim demonstrates theological and moral principles for action that can transform us in our daily lives. From the way we treat our neighbor at the grocery store to the way we witness to the guy who attacks the Catholic Faith, Tim shows how “Christ enables us to live in him all that he himself lived, and he lives it in us” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 521).

Evangelization: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

In this talk, Tim emphasizes evangelization as essential to the Church’s mission and identity. Evangelization is not an option for Christians; it is part and parcel of who we are as followers of Christ.

The Answer Is Catholic?

Tim shows how some of the most common objections to the Catholic Faith can be turned around to demonstrate the truth of the Church. Tim gives you the tools to turn the everyday timid Catholic who is reticent to share his Faith into an effective witness for our Lord and his Church.

Eschatology: The Four Forgotten Keys to Evangelism

Tim shows you how to refute the popular dispensationalist view of the “Rapture” made popular by the Left Behind book series. You’ll learn the truth about death, judgment, heaven, and hell as taught by the Catholic Church.

The Gospel of Suffering

Tim demonstrates the profound meaning of suffering and its relationship to a Catholic and biblical understanding of justification. Tim will touch your heart as he shows why the Catholic understanding of suffering brings hope and a sense of purpose to the darkest moments in the lives of Christian men and women.