Get Ready Apostolic Insiders!


Howdy Apostolic Insiders!

Just wanted to give you a little update and share what is coming just for you guys. We have not been able to get any of our newest videos up for you guys in the last month and a half due to unexpected delays in how we are bringing our content to you. However, I wanted you to know that we have about a dozen or so videos in the can that my web guy, “Mr. Ed.” aka Ed Vizenor, (from now on, “Mr. Ed”) is putting the finishing touches on even as I write this. Let’s just say we are “upping the ante” when it comes to what you guys are going to be getting very shortly!

Also, we are going to be starting a weekly reflection on the readings in audio form beginning the first week after Easter just for you, our Apostolic Insiders.

And I will be adding a written post here and there just for you guys as well. In a nutshell, we are planning to go above and beyond the original “two posts per month” for the Apostolic Insiders. We are going way above and beyond that!

Sorry for the unexpected and unplanned delay on the videos, but hang on to your hats because what we have coming down the pike is going to be good! You who got in here from the beginning are going to get light years more than you paid and are paying for!

A blessed Triduum to each of you, and God’s very best this Easter Season!