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Before you can even begin to share the Catholic Faith with our separated brothers and sisters in Christ, you’ll have to face the inevitable challenge of “Sola Scriptura” or the “Bible Alone” as the sole rule of faith. How do you convince them that, without the Tradition and Magisterium of the Church, it is impossible for them to correctly interpret the Bible? Is it possible to refute this central Protestant doctrine, by using the “Bible Alone?”

Scriptural Keys

Now digitally re-mastered on three cassettes or four CDs, the classic series Twisted Scripture: Sola Scriptura Exposed, by Catholic Biblical apologist, author and EWTN Radio personality Tim Staples has the answers you need! In this uncompromising presentation, Tim demonstrates how this most fundamental doctrine of Protestantism is actually quite easy to refute – from the very pages of the Bible – but only if you know the crucial scriptural keys!

Plus, Tim also shows you how to take the offensive and ask some questions of your own! Like, how do Protestants really know which books of the Bible are truly inspired? After all, if we look to the Bible itself to tell us if it is inspired, then why not accept the inspiration of the Koran or the Book of Mormon? And what about the Sacraments and other Christian practices? How are we to know if someone is married, for example? The Bible doesn’t specifically address any of these critical concerns.

Clear and Concise

In clear easy-to-understand language, Tim explains how the Protestant belief in the inerrancy of the Bible actually rests on the Catholic Church’s endorsement that, through the gift of divine inspiration, the Bible is free from error in the message it intends to convey.

By sharing dramatic examples from Scripture and other early Christian writings, Tim shows how the church fathers unanimously insisted that apostolic authority must be the official interpreter of the Bible; and not individual believers, or even Scripture itself. And their concern has proven to be well founded. As Tim powerfully relates, precisely because Sola Scriptura encourages private interpretation of the Bible, this misguided doctrine has been responsible for the fragmenting of Protestantism into tens of thousands of rival denominations!

Undeniable Evidence

As every Catholic evangelist knows, a sincere attempt to explain Catholic teaching is often met with the cry ” That’s not in the Bible!” And not because Catholic teachings aren’t supported by God’s Word, but because of classic Protestant misinterpretations of the Bible. Imagine being able to demonstrate conclusively that the fundamental Protestant doctrine of the “Bible Alone” is actually unbiblical – and prove it beyond the shadow of doubt with undeniable evidence from Scripture!

A “Must-Have”

In three intensive, fact-filled cassettes or four CD’s, Tim Staples explodes the Reformation-era myths about Church suppression of the Bible and provides listeners with the authentic Biblical teaching that Scripture and Tradition comprise a single deposit of faith. In his typically engaging and approachable style, Tim empowers the Catholic faithful with the Scriptural keys needed to meet the challenge of “Show me where it says that in the Bible,” with dramatic faith-changing results! A “must-have” for all those who are sincerely interested in sharing and defending the fullness of the Faith, Twisted Scripture: Sola Scriptura Exposed is a compelling, Biblical resource for demonstrating that the Bible can only be truly understood in the context of the Catholic Church.

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