Death With Dignity?


As I said in a previous post, assisted suicide has become just one more manifestation of “the culture of death” that has infected our culture in the West, and in particular, the United States of America. Instead of standing with and beside our friends and loved ones who suffer with terminal illnesses, our society now encourages “death with dignity,” another in a long line of euphemisms cloaking the taking of innocent human life.

Sometimes, standing with our suffering and dying brothers and sisters means lifting them up and helping them to see their own dignity in the midst of a culture that tells them their life is no longer worth living. It means holding their hands, loving them, praying with them, crying with them, or just being with them until the Lord sees fit to take them home.

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But even more importantly, I would like you to hear this message from “Liz,” who says it much more powerfully than I ever could:

Happy New Year! And may God help us to love, protect, and help others to appreciate each and every innocent human life from conception until natural death!

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