Update on OneFaith Experience Conference!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am going to be speaking at an absolutely awesome conference at St. Louis University on April 23, 2016 at St. Louis University. There will be thousands attending and it is called the “One Faith Experience Conference – 2016.” I will be speaking there along with Fr. Larry Richards, Teresa Tomeo, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Hector Molina, and Adam Blai. And it will be followed by a concert featuring “The Thirsting” and “Matt Maher.”

Check out the website at:


The good news is this: A benefactor has stepped forward in the St. Louis area who is going to subsidize free tickets for groups, and is going to encourage them to turn it into a fund raising opportunity. Some basic details are as follows:

* Parishes, youth and young adult groups, religious education groups, prayer groups, etc., that purchase increments of 50 tickets to either the conference or the concert will receive another 50 tickets courtesy of this benefactor, who will subsidize the additional tickets.

* These can be any combination of tickets totaling increments of 50, i.e.:

– purchase 25 conference tickets and

– purchase 25 concert tickets

– receive 25 additional conference tickets and

– receive 25 additional concert tickets

* If a group purchases 100 tickets in any combination, they will receive an additional 100 tickets in any combination (and so on)

* The proceeds from their sale of the subsidized (free) tickets can go to their particular group (for example, if a youth group is raising funds to go to World Youth Day).

* There is a limited supply of subsidized tickets, so groups need to act fast

*  If interested, call Nic Scott at 866-686-2396 or e-mail him at nic@yourcatholicmedia.com

And when you call, check out the unbelievably low prices for tickets to begin with. There will be thousands there, folks! Don’t miss this event! Whether you are alone or with a group, I hope to see you there!